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Looking for top attractions in Elberton around the Super 8 by Wyndham Elberton, but not sure where to start? From Elberton Residential Historic District to that make this property preferred choice for guest visiting these attractions.

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Elberton Residential Historic District

2.30 km away

The Elberton Residential Historic District is a historic district located in the central business district of Elberton, Alabama. The district encompasses a period of approximately 100 years, from about 1880 to 1920, and includes a variety of residential styles and sizes. The majority of the buildings in the district are constructed of brick and have a number of decorative elements, including polychrome brickwork, stone lintels, and corbelling. The district is notable for its high concentration of architecturally significant buildings, and its overall intactness.

The Elberton Residential Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

Elberton Commercial Historic District

2.82 km away

The Elberton Commercial Historic District encompasses a well-preserved collection of late 19th and early 20th century commercial buildings in the small town of Elberton, Georgia. The district is bounded by North Street on the south, East Street on the north, Third Street on the east, and Depot Street on the west. The buildings were all constructed between 1886 and 1914 and are reflective of the town's growth as a center for commerce. The district includes a mix of styles, including Italianate, Romanesque Revival, Queen Anne, and Classical Revival.

The most significant building in the district is the long brick commercial block at 101-103 East Street. This structure was built in 1886 and is one of the few surviving examples of 19th century brick commercial architecture in northeast Georgia. It features a three-story central block flanked by two single-story wings. The building served as a general store, post office, bank, hotel, and other businesses over its history.

Other notable buildings in the district include the Romanesque Revival brick municipal building at 121 North Street (1909), the two-story red brick J.L. Hudson General Store at 105 East Street (1908), and the Classical Revival brick Elberton Methodist Church at 203 Depot Street (1892).

Elbert County Health Center

2.87 km away

The Elbert County Health Center is a full-service health care facility that was established in 1955. The center offers a variety of services, including primary care, family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric care, mental health services, and cancer care. In addition to providing medical services, the center also offers educational programs and events to the community.

The Elbert County Health Center is located at 120 E. Michigan St. in Elberton. The center can be reached by phone at (229) 677-5100 or online at

Elberton-Elbert Hospital

3.58 km away

Elberton-Elbert Hospital is a hospital in Elberton, Georgia. It is owned and operated by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia. The hospital has an estimated annual revenue of $37 million.

Elberton Granite Museum

3.74 km away

The Elberton Granite Museum is a must-see destination for any traveler visiting the area. The museum is housed in the former courtroom of the Elberton County Courthouse, and showcases both local and national granite history.

The exhibits include displays on the geology of granite, production of granite products, and local legends and stories about the granite industry. There are also artifacts from various granite-related businesses and organizations in Elberton, as well as photos and memorabilia from notable individuals who have worked with or been inspired by the Granite City.

The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm, and admission is free.

Corra Harris Monument

5.67 km away

The Corra Harris Monument in Elberton, Georgia honors the life and legacy of civil rights activist Corra Harris. The monument was erected in 2001 and features a statue of Harris flanked by two lions. The dedication ceremony for the monument was attended by many local dignitaries, including then-governor Roy Barnes.

Harris was a key figure in the Civil Rights Movement and is best known for her work as head of the NAACP's Atlanta branch from 1963 to 1971. During her time at the organization, Harris helped lead several successful lawsuits aimed at securing equal rights for African Americans.

The Corra Harris Monument is located in central Elberton and can be found easily from nearby highways. The monument is open to the public daily from 9am to 4:30pm, and visitors can enjoy a variety of exhibits and programs on offer throughout the year.

Robin Blue Monument

11.01 km away

The Robin Blue Monument, in Elberton, Georgia, commemorates the life and legacy of Robin Williams. The monument, which was erected in 2009, features a bronze statue of the comedian and an inscription that reads "Robin Blue: A Life of Fun and Friendship."

Cherokee Memorial

28.69 km away

The Cherokee Memorial Elberton is a beautiful memorial to the Cherokee Nation and its people. The memorial is located in Elberton, Georgia. The memorial was built in 1991 and is dedicated to the Cherokee people who died in the American Civil War. The memorial features a statue of a Cherokee brave warrior, a reflecting pool, and several other monuments. The memorial is a beautiful tribute to the Cherokee people and their bravery during the American Civil War.

Benson Street-Forest Avenue Residential Historic District

29.82 km away

The Benson Street-Forest Avenue Residential Historic District is a well-preserved collection of early 20th century residential dwellings in the Elberton area of Hamilton County, Georgia. The district encompasses 83 contributing properties, all of which are either single family homes or duplexes. The architecture of the district is characterized by its Craftsman and Prairie Style influences, and many of the homes feature distinctive front porches. The district was designated a historic district in 1988, and it has since been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

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